Covid-19 Humour

11 silly things people did during lockdown

It’s official. The lockdown is making some people do things they don’t normally, like acting crazy.

As normal life takes a breather, the modern Homo sapien is still coming to terms with life in lockdown. Clearly, home quarantine brings out the sane in some of us and the silly in others. Take a look.

1. Corona Cat Master-class

Master thought the cats ought to be on the same page about the Covid-19 situation as us humans. One cat obliged.

2. Superheroes join the fight

Someone in Melbourne, Australia caught this on camera. We’re curious about how he got out of Gotham under lockdown? Talking of Batman, how about you make one yourself with paper craft?

3. Toilet paper moods

Who says toilet paper can’t have a personality?

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4. It’s drive-through, not…

One desperately hungry man redefined ‘quick getaway’.

5. Old melody, new take

Freddie, if you’re watching, they’re here for the cats, not for the people, and certainly not for the toilet paper rolls!

6. Turtle-tac-toe

One of the two players in this video isn’t playing a fair game of tic-tac-toe.

7. Frog in the box

He’s already famous. Now only if we knew what he looks like.

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8. Cough! Cough! Who’s there? Coronavirus.

And then, this.

9. A car-eating monster and out-of-work DJs

A monster that gobbles up some cars and throws out others causing too much emission, and a DJ works from home.

10. Pandemic Patterns

Here’s something that caught our interest. gives an insight into what Britishers are Googling in times of Coronavirus.

11. Zoom meetings can be so much fun

… especially if you’re a creative tea drinker. There are other ways to have fun on Zoom meetings, like using cool custom backgrounds.

By Romeo Coutinho

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