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10 products to get maximum out of minimum storage space

Too much to store in too little space? Try this space saving furniture to get the most out of your small spaces.

Urban sprawls are no place for spacious abodes. The smaller the space you live in, the more innovation you need to make optimal use of that space.

There are more small space storage ideas than you need, but not all of them are practical or affordable for your specific needs or budget. We picked 10 of the smartest, cheapest and practical products that you can buy off the shelves, and DIY ideas and inspirations that you can implement at home to get the most out of small space storage.

1. Ottoman storage footrest

A piece of furniture that quadruples as a coffee table, footrest, sofa and storage! We like it because it’s multi-use and a guaranteed space-saver. Use one of these as a footrest, pair two or more and prop them against the wall, throw in some cushions and you got a sofa with plenty storage.

Check out this Seville Classics footrest on Amazon.

2. Coffee table with storage

This coffee table has an extending top you can lift up and use as a work surface, plus storage. It scores high on usefulness and usability in small homes and living rooms.

Buy the WLIVE Lift Top Coffee Table on Amazon.

3. Under-sink pull out drawer

Didn’t think about storage under the kitchen sink? Think again. The item description reads, ‘This organiser will help maximise storage space in areas where your plumbing may create an awkward space.’ We totally agree.

Buy this organiser from Wayfair.

If you want add a DIY ‘under’ storage dimension to your to the kitchen, read this tutorial by familyhandyman.

4. Spice Drawer Insert

The addition of this insert doubles the capacity of your kitchen drawer. Space saved equals space earned, and any space saved in a small kitchen is more than valuable. Plus, it’s cheaper than adding storage capacity through more drawers or cabinets.

Buy this incredibly useful spice drawer insert from

If this one inspires you to make something on your own, visit familyhandyman for a blow-by-blow DIY project.

5. BRIMNES Bed with storage

A bed frame with hidden storage on three sides – perfect if you live in a small space. And, it’s an IKEA!

Get it here.

6. Floating Shelf

No, it doesn’t actually float. It only appears to. It’s space-saving value and tool-free installation means this one-piece storage unit can sit anywhere in the house and store anything – books and magazines, vases, spices and kitchen jars – without taking up floor space. Think about it.   

Watch the Floating Shelf in action and buy it on Home Depot.

7. OBSERVATÖR clip-on basket

Hang these thoughtfully designed baskets vertically from a shelf or stack them on a flat surface. Another IKEA product that’s designed for small spaces and an equally small price tag of $4.

Get it here.

8. Bathroom shelf space saver

Vertical storage space in the bathroom is useful, but installed above the commode is a whole new level of practical design. Store towels and you won’t need a towel rack, store toiletries and say bye-bye to the bathroom cabinet.

Like what you see? The Honey-Can-Do space saver can be yours on Amazon.

9. Kids study and bed

Made from material wood and pine, this bed is so multi-purpose, it’s like putting together a kids’ room. Bunk bed, pull out study table, clothing drawers cabinet and bookshelf, everything your child needs to sleep, study and store, together.

DONCO Kids Low Study Loft Bed is available on Amazon.

10. Convertible sofa bunk bed

Sofa in the day, bed by night, storage compartment all the time.

Make the Homelegance Adra Daybed with Trundle a part of your home from Amazon.

Storage in small spaces is every house owner’s recurring headache. With these well-designed and well-thought products and others like them, the small spaces in your house can go a long way in clearing the clutter and taking away that headache.

You can do more to unclutter your home by organising paper documents, tidying up shoe storage and organising your wardrobe.

By Romeo Coutinho

Rationalist, truth seeker, full time writer, part time dreamer.

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